Internet Marketing through Social media

There is no doubt that social media offers a wide array of opportunities to connect with potential and existing clientele. Irrespective of whether looking at a support community or a blog to keep people informed, our social media services can provide the help to ensure that your company is able to take full advantage.

Social media websites such as twitter and Facebook are extremely popular online resources that are continuously evolving and they offer numerous opportunities for a company to create exposure, deliver relevant messages, encourage brand loyalty as well as manage your reputation. We have the expertise and experience to take advantage of social media and combine it with SEO and other productive techniques to ensure your company is viewed in the best possible light and provide a suitable platform for your clients to become an effective part of your online community.

  • Profile Management
  • Training
  • Content Development/Copy-writing
  • Blog Marketing
  • Social Media App Development
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Reporting/KPIs
  • Profile Management

We will assist you in creating and managing a profile on high profile social media sites such as LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook, which will enable you to connect with your target audience within a community environment. Utilizing our expertise we will help you to develop a reputation and become a valuable member of the relevant communities.


We are able to support you by providing relevant training to educate you and help you take advantage of the numerous social media opportunities. This will provide you with an understanding of the variety of ways you can utilize the social media platforms and venues and learn how you can work with your community.

Content Development/Copy-writing

Content within the framework of your content strategy is extremely important. Our teams of copywriters are able to produce high quality, professional content that delivers a concise marketing message across the whole spectrum of the available social media platforms. Social media needs powerful content and we will endeavor to ensure its right.

Blog Marketing

Blogs are a powerful medium that Google and visitors alike will enjoy. They provide the ideal arena to connect with customers by providing relevant news, tips and comments, whilst offering the search engines regular fresh content that creates interest and attracts traffic as well as valuable links to your website.

Developing social Media Applications

Our teams are able to design and develop a wide range of social media applications that are tailored to your particular business or industry. As social media grows, so do the potential opportunities for ingenious applications that will enhance your community of clients.

Multivariate Testing

Not all facets of social media are appropriate for every company. By utilizing multivariate testing we can assess the elements of social media that works for your particular company and those that do not. These forms of test provide us with valuable information that enables us to optimize your own social media campaign.


When it comes to reporting to our clients, transparency is key. As part of our service we provide you with detailed reports that detail key performance indicators regarding your website enabling you to review how well the social media optimization is working.

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