Optimization of a press releases

As an effective means of increasing exposure few methods are more effective than an optimized press release. A professionally optimized press release provides an ideal opportunity to inform people about your company which in turn will attract visitors to your website as well as generate an impressive number of high quality backlinks. If you have something newsworthy to announce, we are able to create a professional release which will create publicity and inherently drive traffic and business to your site.

Online public relations is an effective means of providing exposure regarding your business or brand, without the inherent costs involved in traditional PR. Irrespective of whether introducing a new product or service or simply moving to larger premises due to expansion, we can help you gain effective exposure by publicizing the news, which in turn provides a range of SEO benefits.

The distribution and writing of a press release

We are able to produce a highly optimized press release for your relevant newsworthy announcement and then subsequently distribute it through a variety of major news sites as well as search engines with the aim of having the PR viewed by journalists and consumers alike.

In essence a professional press release must be interesting so that it engages the reader and search engines. Our writers ensure that the PR is optimized utilizing best practices in terms of SEO as well as journalism. Your press release has the potential to be seen by thousands of people including bloggers and journalists, so we will also ensure that the release itself projects your company in the best image possible.