SEO for mobile phones and devices

The growing plethora of mobile phones and hand held devices on offer means that in reality the way searches are being performed is changing, with significant increases in searches conducted on mobile devices. Through our expertise we are able to help you with reference to optimizing for the growing number of mobile searches. In fact Google itself indicated that of all searches conducted, 1 in 7 came from mobile devices, especially when an individual is searching for local businesses such as food outlets and shops. There is no doubt that the area of mobile searches is an area that is expanding exponentially and as such so are the opportunities for your business.

Differing methodology for different markets

Whenever a potential customer performs a search by using a mobile search engine, the likelihood is that they will search in a different way to someone who is searching whilst sat at a computer desk. The fact is that mobile SEO should take this into account when targeting a group of key terms.

Although the majority of the SEO strategies we utilize are the same for mobile internet, there are several differing techniques and methods that we employ that can be extremely useful and effective for your business. Whenever a prospective client conducts a mobile search, the chances are that their needs are somewhat different to an individual searching at home, which means that inherently they may well be searching utilizing alternative versions of key terms. In addition the demographics of the mobile customers is likely to be totally dissimilar, compared to your typical website visitor. We therefore evaluate and consider these elements when providing the mobile solution that is required.

The evolving environment

There is no doubt that mobile search is changing at a fast pace. The introduction of smart phones and the number that are in circulation as well as the huge number of applications being developed, in combination with the increasing usage of voice commands, means that it is a genuine challenge in terms of keeping ahead of the game. We can help you stay ahead of the curve of this evolving industry and ensure that your potential customers are able to find you no matter where they are.