Search Engine Keyword Research

Keyword research is a critical element of SEO and is an essential part of the search engine marketing services we offer. Identifying the relevant keywords that your specific audience are searching for relating to your product or service, ensures that we are able to target the right people to provide an excellent return on investment for you. We help you find the most productive keywords based on the number of searches as well as relevancy to your own site. By targeting the campaign from the outset, better results are achieved long term.

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Targeting is everything

Increasing traffic on its own is not what we are after. Its targeted traffic we aim to provide and we do this by keyword research that identifies not only search volume but also keywords that target the potential customers that are likely to purchase your product or service. This means that it is not always the best plan to go for keywords that have a high number of searches but rather keywords such as long tail keywords that will offer a much better ROI.

Difficult keywords

It is a fact that it is easier to obtain first page listings for certain keywords, whilst some keywords are somewhat more difficult which means it can take quite some time to see improvements in rankings. When it comes to your online success we ascertain the most productive strategy from the outset, which combined with a persistent outlook, will see benefits longer term whilst also looking to achieve faster results and returns by virtue of other keyword options.

The continuous process

Change is the only constant, and the online world is no different. Trends change and as such we ensure that we monitor and amend our strategy regarding your website, to achieve the desired results. Ongoing keyword research is one of the key facets of our service and enables us to keep ahead of the curve, and take advantage of any new developments that occur. All search engines continuously develop new practices and we monitor the performance of our client sites and related industries to ensure that we target the most productive keywords for your ongoing strategy.

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