In essence all our strategies are aimed at one thing, which is to deliver a high ROI for our clients. This means not only improving traffic to a website but also converting that traffic to sales. This is essentially called conversion rate optimization, which involves fine tuning a site to reduce its bounce rate and also effectively engage the visitors to ensure they take the desired action. Increasing your conversion rate means that you make more sales and more money and we are perfectly poised to aid you in the process. We do this by going through the following strategy:

  • Analytics of relevant metrics
  • Analysis of usability
  • Optimization of landing page
  • Optimization of sales funnel
  • Split A/B testing and multivariate testing
  • Optimization of your website and maintenance
  • Key performance indicators and reporting
  • Analytics of relevant metrics

Utilizing data from analytics enables us to compile an in-depth review of user behavior such as how visitors arrived on the site, the pages they visited and whether they took the desired action or not. This in turn provides us with essential information to empower your website to improve its performance and potential ROI and is the crucial first step in conversion optimization

Analysis of usability

This element involves a detailed analysis of how your website is perceived in the eyes of a user. An effective analysis of usability provides information relating to any issues with the design, layout, content or technical structure of a website, enabling us to eradicate any problems.

Optimization of landing page

First impressions count and as such your landing page is the first image that a potential customer views. We therefore ensure that your landing pages are optimized to ensure significant increases in conversion rates. We are able to build landing pages that entice a potential customer and provide sufficient reasons for them to review additional content within your website or alternatively complete a desired action.

Optimization of sales funnel

This facet of conversion optimization relates to the fact that not all traffic is equal in terms of potential conversions. With this in mind, we are able to build a website that qualifies or disqualifies potential leads, based on your particular criteria. An effective sales funnel will take potential clients through from interest to relevant action whilst eliminating those who are not likely to convert into customers.

Split A/B testing and multivariate testing

By effectively testing and analyzing results we are able to identify those strategies that are the most productive. By making small changes, it can often have a big impact on the results. In addition we are able to ascertain that the current strategy is the best one. Our team are able to set up relevant multivariate and A/B testing to discover what works and what does not.

Optimization of your website and maintenance

An ongoing strict website maintenance process ensures that any issues are corrected quickly, this usually includes elements such as outdated content, links that no longer work and any other potential problems that may hinder potential customers. As part of the process we will fine tune the calls to action elements of the website, update and improve any forms as well as other elements that visitors interact with and where needed, add new optimized content.

Key performance indicators and reporting

We ensure our customers are kept fully aware of our processes by providing detailed accounts of key performance indicators that offer information regarding how the conversion rate optimization techniques are working.